July 20, 2012

It Just Keeps Coming… and Coming… and Coming

Tree debris from the storm is unloaded at the Transfer Station.
A worker is dwarfed by a small mountain of tree debris.
A load of mulch is topped off. The mulch is picked up by 
Grant CountyMulch and eventually sold commercially.

That would be truckload after truckload of tree debris from the derecho that struck our area on June 29 arriving daily at the County’s Processing Facility and Transfer Station. There are still about 600 - 700 vehicles/day dropping off above-average amounts of large tree debris.
All in all, more than 80,000 cubic yards have come into the Transfer Station, alone, since the storm. Enough, so far, to fill about 1,000 53-foot tractor trailers.
And, still, there’s more to come.