August 15, 2012

First-of-its-kind New Farmer Pilot Project Unveiled

The County’s New Farmer Pilot Project, announced recently by County Executive Ike Leggett, is a unique approach to training and mentoring new farmers by placing them on individual, longer-term, leased sites. Ultimately, the program is designed to encourage new farmers to stay in Montgomery County rather than looking elsewhere for available land.

Leggett called the project “…a first-of-its-kind, year-long ‘experiment’ that will train, mentor and support the land access needs of entrepreneurs who want to start new, sustainable farms in Montgomery County." He explained that "The New Farmer Pilot Project will give new farmers a head start by matching them with private land owners and a support network that enables them to grow their businesses."

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  1. Great idea ... speaking of ideas, let's not destroy the only organic seed farm in our county at Brickyard. Glad to see Ike may be coming around...


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