September 14, 2012

Leggett Responds to Councilmember on County’s Involvement with Pepco

On August 30, Leggett met with Pepco’s senior leadership at his office in Rockville – reviewing their recent performance and making crystal clear the County’s expectations for improved reliability.
In response to comments by County Councilmember Nancy Floreen that the County should have a “clear roadmap of what it is asking from Pepco or the Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC),” County Executive Ike Leggett assured her that “the County has been actively involved in several matters regarding Pepco’s performance before the PSC….”

In a September 10 memorandum to Councilmember Floreen, Leggett said the County is “currently a party in the case to review their [Pepco] handling of the Derecho storm” in June.

Read entire memo (pdf).