October 26, 2012

Respect the Space. They need it. You Don’t!

There’s a new state-of the-art tool available to law enforcement agencies throughout Maryland in the fight against the illegal use of disability parking placards. Changes to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration’s (MVA) vehicle registration database now provide police with information regarding disability parking privileges.

Since August, law enforcement officers across Maryland have been able to access the Motor Vehicles Administration’s (MVA) database which allows them to stop offenses when fraud, theft and the abuse of disabled parking privileges occur. With that information, law enforcement can see the vehicle records and determine to whom a disabled parking privilege belongs. Included in the information is a photo of the person to whom disabled parking access has been granted.

Joining County Executive Ike Leggett for the announcement of the new procedure were MVA Administrator John Kuo and Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.  

In November 2011, Leggett announced the Countywide “Respect the Space” initiative created to raise awareness about the proper use of accessible parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities.  The initiative was suggested by the County’s Commission on People with Disabilities whose members were concerned about non-disabled people parking in reserved accessible spaces and the abuse of disability parking placards.

Get more information about obtaining a disability parking placard and guidelines for its legal use., click on www.mva.Maryland.gov and look under “Vehicle Services” - Disability Placards. 

Learn more about the “Respect the Space” initiative.