May 9, 2014

Public Libraries “Report to the Community” Online

Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) has released its 2013 “Report to the Community” which is available online (pdf).

The report offers an overview of the activities of Montgomery County Public Libraries for the past year, including a numerical breakdown of the more than 24 million uses of the 21 branches during 2013.

For example
  • nearly 10,500,000 items were used (borrowed, downloaded or used in the branches); 
  • library customers used electronic and office resources in more than 6,390,000 ways (visiting the website, using the library computers, downloading articles from databases, printing/copying materials in the branches); 
  • more than 4,700,000 visits were made to MCPL branches; and 
  • more than 2,300,800 questions were answered in person, by phone, through the website, email, chat, social media or by mail. 
The report also includes Strategic Plan accomplishments, plus budget and other financial figures related to library operations.