September 19, 2014

Recreation Expands Senior Services at Three Centers

The Department of Recreation has announced expanded hours and programs for seniors at three centers in various parts of the County.

Expanded services consist of: added evening hours (Wednesdays until 9 p.m.) at the Holiday Park Senior Center; extended programming at Margaret Schweinhaut Center from five to six days per week; and an increase of eight operational hours a week at the Damascus Senior Center.

In January, the Recreation Department launched the new Senior Center Shuttle transportation program that provides curb-to-curb service to and from the County’s five senior centers. The service offers a fixed route service free to adults 55 and older who live within a defined geographical radius of each center.

For more information about senior services or programs, call 240-777-4924 or visit the Recreation Department's website.


  1. I am interested in these services, but I am not familiar with these centers and their location. Next time might it be better to include either a general location or address next to each?

    1. Good point. We appreciate your interest in the County's senior services. Holiday Park Senior Center is at 3950 Ferrara Dr., Silver Spring (Wheaton area); phone 240-777-4999. Margaret Schweinhaut Center is at 1000 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring; phone 240-777-8085. Damascus Senior Center is at 9701 Main St.; phone 240-777-6995. Further information about each center is found on the Recreation Dept. website (use link [website] at end of the article.


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