October 16, 2014

Report Issued on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity of MCPS Students, Staff

Students of color and English language learners make up two-thirds of Montgomery County Public Schools’ (MCPS) enrollment while White educators account for roughly three-fourths of all school-based professionals.

At the County Council’s direction, the Office of Legislative Oversight compiled a report on how the demographic alignment between MCPS students and educators and use of language assistance services varied across the school system.

The final report has been issued and four findings emerged:
  • The demographic mismatch between MCPS students and school professionals mirrored state and national trends. 
  • Student subgroups tended to be concentrated in schools with other members of their subgroup. 
  • Schools with high concentrations of student subgroups tended to have more professionals from that subgroup, but often had the widest demographic mismatch between students and staff. 
  • Schools’ requests for central office language assistance services (interpreter and language line services) generally aligned with their ESOL-eligible and Latino student enrollment. 
See the entire report.