November 7, 2016

Montgomery County Libraries Are Nationally Recognized with 2016 Top Innovator Award

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett accepted the Urban Libraries Council 2016 Top Innovator Award on Wednesday, November 2. Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) received the award for the “Library Refresh” program for the groundbreaking program to “refresh” library buildings as an alternative to completely rebuilding them.

It would have taken 32 years and $203 million to renovate 16 MCPL buildings as allowed under the County’s current Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget.

However, the “refresh” program cuts the total cost to $20 million for all 16 libraries. In the 32 years it would have taken to renovate each branch once, the branches can be refreshed three or four times.

The “refresh” process generally takes about 18 months, with a branch closed for only five to seven months, as opposed to multiple years under the traditional approach. Twinbrook and Kensington libraries are the first branches to have gone through the refresh program.

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