March 23, 2017

Montgomery Parks Wants Your Input

Montgomery Parks wants to hear your ideas on what you want to see in your community. “Parks and Recreation of the Future” is an on-line Open Town Hall Meeting.


  1. This is the height of hypocrisy and so wrong. MoCo Parks has installed an access road using Impermeable Pavement at this location inside Wheaton Regional Park (near the dog park) and running downhill into sensitive water management areas including a lake and stream.
    A newly-paved hard asphalt access road has been installed here, while local property owners are paying for storm water runoff! It appears MoCo Parks are exempt from protecting our local environment or they would have considered using a permeable surface, as recommended by the County to it's property owners to lessen the impact of storm water runoff.

  2. Please continue efforts to "link" existing parks with each other via green corridors. Wouldn't it be cool if Montgomery county had an Appalachian trail type "thru-hike" experience for residents to walk our beloved county green spaces.


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