May 11, 2018

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Dedication Ceremony Set for May 21

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett will unveil the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall at a dedication ceremony at 1 p.m. on Monday, May 21.

The Memorial Wall includes the names of 130 service members from Montgomery County who were killed or reported missing in action during the Vietnam War.

The dedication ceremony will take place at Memorial Plaza, adjacent to the Executive Office Building (101 Monroe Street) and the Courthouse Annex in Rockville.

Montgomery County invites the public to attend the dedication ceremony.

For a list of County residents who lost their lives or were declared missing in the Vietnam War, visit the Montgomery County Veterans Affairs website and click on the queue titled, “Fallen Heroes.”

Family and friends of the 130 fallen heroes are encouraged to RSVP to Community Outreach Manager Betsy Tolbert Luecking at the Commission on Veterans Affairs. Luecking can be reached by telephone at 240-777-1256 or by email at

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  1. I don't understand expending funds much needed for food, housing, health care - very basic necessities that are sorely lacking for persons currently living in the County and who may themselves have served our country or serve it yet - to ADD to the acknowledgements of service of persons long gone. We have multiple proximate Vietnam war memorials and the Newseum that chronicles the war quite well and quite accessibly to Montgomery county residents. I feel there are wealthy private donors who could have funded this memorial - and - this was a sad way to apply tax payer funds. The people supposed to be honored with it would likely have preferred the money be better spent in their honor rather than to be given this post-humus honor. In fact some of them might not have enlisted in the Army if there were other job opportunities for them. To honor them by using this money to get more businesses to reside in the county and give residents jobs, would have been wiser. Please Leaders! Please get your priorities on the living! WE ARE IN A TIGHT BUDGET PERIOD!!!


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