December 13, 2018

Montgomery County’s Priorities for the 2019 Maryland General Assembly Session

The Office of Intergovernmental Relations released Montgomery County’s priorities for the session of the Maryland General Assembly due to convene in Annapolis on Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019.

Highlights of the County’s priorities include increased state funding for education; transportation; affordable housing; environment; economic development; health and human services; victims’ rights; public safety; core government functions and capital projects.


  1. How bout money for programs & things like DDA?

  2. Get funding to to extend Red Line to Frederick County line or build a new line along 270 to relieve traffic congestion on 270. Oppose any move by the Governor to build Toll lanes on 270.

  3. I oppose all (or virtually all) of these "priorities" as: either a waste of money or a violation of individual's natural rights. Less government = more freedom.


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