April 10, 2019

StoryCorps Will Come to Silver Spring Through a Partnership with WAMU to Record, Preserve and Share the Region’s Stories

StoryCorps, a National Public Radio production, is coming to Silver Spring from April 23 through May 22. The small silver trailer, which is the studio for people to share their stories, will be set up in front of the Silver Spring Civic Building located at Veterans Plaza.

StoryCorps is a nonprofit organization that has recorded people having meaningful conversations since 2003. The recorded conversation takes place in the MobileBooth and can be recorded in any language the storyteller chooses. The slots are open to anyone who wishes to have a conversation with someone in their life.

Registration opened on April 9, and the second slot of registrations will open on Wednesday, April 24. Registration is limited.

Anyone who shares their story will receive a copy of the recorded conversation, and if you give permission, it will be preserved in the Library of Congress.

For more information, or to register, visit the website.