July 15, 2019

County Remembers Homeless Individuals at Third Annual Memorial Service

A recent memorial service remembered 31 individuals who died in the past year while homeless, or who were previously homeless and received County and nonprofit services. The names of the individuals were read by nonprofit organizations who work with the County to provide services. Those who died were remembered as not just a ‘homeless’ person, but as a community member.

In the annual Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ Point-in-Time survey conducted in Jan. 2019, there were 647 persons experiencing homelessness in Montgomery County and 85 families with children. Since 2017, there has been a 28 percent decrease in the overall number of persons experiencing homelessness, the most significant decrease in any two-year period since 2009.

Montgomery County achieved the goal of ending veteran homelessness in Dec. 2015 and continues to work to maintain functional zero homelessness through continual monitoring and tracking.

In 2017, the Interagency Commission on Ending Homelessness launched "Inside (Not Outside)," an initiative aimed at ending chronic homelessness in the County. Through the efforts of Montgomery County’s Department of Health and Human Services and nonprofit providers in the community such as Bethesda Cares, Catholic Charities, Coalition for the Homeless and Interfaith Works, 420 individuals have been placed in permanent supportive housing.

A current focus is on ending homelessness for families with children.

More information about services for the homeless and data on progress made is available at montgomerycountymd.gov/homelessness.


  1. I like to remember Maryjo Fish who was hit by a car by accident while standing on Georgia Ave & Veris Mill road in Wheaton.

  2. "Since 2017, there has been a 28 percent decrease" in homelessness in Montgomery County? Could this be the sort of "juking-the-stats" that Baltimore was doing to sugar-coat its problems? Or is it that so many of those who are homeless through no fault of their own are refusing to stay (and be counted) in the county's prison barracks style shelters?
    The story here should be, how much are certain county and state politicians getting in kickbacks for providing all that government money to do-nothing "homeless" scam charities such as Bethesda Cares. Ask its tennis obsessed Chairperson or other board members who unjustly enrich themselves at public expense what they have ever done to justify all that grant money. A place for homeless to "hang out" or coffee and a donut really don't cut it when there are so many in need of real housing.

  3. For all the good that this county website and its paid cheerleaders claim to be doing to help the homeless, the reality is very much the opposite.
    If you are homeless, disabled, over age 62 and physically unable to work, but not an alcoholic, drug addict or recovering substance abuser, mentally ill, or a veteran, county agencies and those private agencies receiving county money will tell you there simply are no programs to help, and you are then sent off to die on the streets.
    Which is perhaps just what the county's smug power elite want, so they can point to the reduction in the numbers of homeless, so by their logic they must be doing something right.

  4. Why does this website keep deleting the really critical comments when it comes to the county's hypocrisy when it comes to its impoverished residents? Another example of shoot-the-messenger?


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