August 29, 2013

September is Library Card Sign Up Month

There’s one card you should have in your wallet, purse, tote bag, or backpack or on your keychain that will never go out of style or expire.…and, it’s free. That’s a library card.

During September, which is Library Card Sign Up Month, all Montgomery County Public Libraries will be reminding the public of the value of a library card and encouraging residents of all ages who don’t have a card to come in and sign up.

Anyone signing up for a new card in September will receive a special “thank you.”

Read more about the benefits of a library card and some events where you can sign up.

See how to sign up in person or online.


  1. Hello: this article is in error! The Library Cards do expire and a lot of people are going get the feeling hurt when they are told otherwise. After thinking that they only need to sign up once!

  2. You’re correct, and the word "expire" should not have appeared. Montgomery County Public Libraries customers do have to renew their cards each year. But, renewing is easy. Anyone who receives email notifications about services, etc. will get an email reminder (with a link) to renew their account a month before it expires. There are several other ways to renew cards, as well: on the Montgomery County Public Libraries website,, by calling Ask-a-Librarian at 240-777-0001 or by visiting a library. Customers can, however, keep their current cards and do not have to turn them in and receive new ones each time.


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