August 26, 2014

Award-winning ePermitting Services Expand to Meet Customers’ Needs

The Department of Permitting Services' (DPS) award-winning online services for ePermits and ePlans are rapidly expanding.

ePermits allow customers to submit an application, pay fees and receive a permit online.

ePlans, the newest addition to DPS’ online services, gives site users the ability to submit documents to DPS, track the review status and make changes. DPS staff review the plans, make comments, ask for additional information and approve the plans electronically. Currently, customers are required to attend a training session prior to creating an ePlans account. Training dates can be found at the ePlans link.

Currently, both ePermits and ePlans are voluntary. DPS’ goal is to make ePermits and ePlans a mandatory, seamless process. As of June 30, customers had submitted 44% of applications for new home building permits using ePlans.

Learn more about DPS’ online services.

Watch a short video about benefits of e-plans.