February 13, 2015

Roadblock to Rapid Transit: The Washington Post Weighs In

“Many of the most ambitious ideas to invigorate Montgomery County’s economy — and, therefore, Maryland’s — depend on building a transit infrastructure beyond Metrorail’s reach. Officials envision tens of thousands of new high-paying jobs — and a mecca for life sciences and tech companies — between Shady Grove, just outside Rockville at the Red Line’s western terminus, and the old Comsat facility in Clarksburg, near the county’s northwest border.”
So begins the editorial in the February 12, edition of The Washington Post that outlines the road ahead for the County as it searches for a way to raise money to support bus rapid transit.

Read The Post editorial.


  1. People should also take note of the comments associated with the Washington Post article! It is interesting to note according the the 2013 census report of workers using public transortation MC Planning, 16% of all county workers use transit, that is only 1% more than a similar study conducted in 2002 for the Georgia Ave transit study, even after the Council shift to Transit oriented development which increased density significantly near most Commerial neighborhoods in Montgomery County. Most people still rely on their automobile regardless of changes in County planning !

    1. The County Executive and the County Council are committed to expanding transit – both to enable the creation of 100,000 new jobs in the County and to give folks more transportation options. Both are good for all County residents, whether you drive, take transit or do a little of both.


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