February 13, 2015

New Plan Aims to Improve County Workforce Training

Thanks to its Workforce Investment Board (WIB), Montgomery County provides a host of services to help local employers fill positions while enabling job seekers to become job ready.

Tomorrow’s work force, however, will differ substantially from what it is today. There is significant job growth in health care and other sectors, so the WIB – WorkSource Montgomery -- has developed a plan to ensure that diverse public and private workforce programs coordinate effectively with one another and that all parties involved do what it takes to ensure that the County remains an economic powerhouse in the state and region.

Entitled “Recommendations for a High Performing Workforce Development System for Montgomery County,” the plan can be downloaded at https://smartmontgomery.sharefile.com/download.aspx?id=se0e7b4e404c4de48.

The report is one way that WorkSource Montgomery advises the County Executive, County Council and the Division of Workforce Services within the Department of Economic Development. Advice-giving is just one part of the WIB’s multifaceted role. For example, it also oversees the County's one-stop employment centers.

The WIB is a public-private partnership that connects employers and jobseekers. The majority of its 30 members (all volunteers) come from the business community. Other members include representatives from educational institutions, community-based organizations, labor and specific programs.

Learn more on the Economic Development website.