March 2, 2015

Home Tree Care 101

Mature trees have been called the "work horses of the environment." They provide cooling shade, filter air and water pollution, provide psychological benefits and increase property value. Increasing and sustaining tree canopy in Montgomery County is a priority for residents and for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

About 85% of the County’s tree canopy is on private residential or commercial property. Because of the importance of tree canopy in sustaining communities, Conservation Montgomery and DEP have partnered to offer “Home Tree Care 101” (HTC101) workshops in County neighborhoods.

Classes are held outdoors with hands-on demonstrations of tree pruning, mulching and other tips on home tree. A long-term goal is to preserve mature tree canopy in the County by improving maintenance of larger trees – keeping these work horses vital and beautiful.

Learn more about HTC 101, including how to sign up for or to organize a class.

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