June 10, 2016

Foster Parents Are Always Needed

Foster parents are people who choose to become the substitute families for children in need. Foster parenting is both a responsibility and an opportunity. Foster children require more than "custodial" care. Foster parents provide food, clothing, and shelter, plus the love, stability, guidance, and discipline these children need until they are reunited with their families or are adopted. Foster parents give children their best efforts even though the child is with them only temporarily.

At any given point in time, there are approximately 350 children in foster care placements with families in the community. There is an immediate need for families interested in fostering one or more children 13 years of age and older, teen mothers and their babies/young children, sibling groups of any age, children from birth through age five and children with complex behavior and/or medical needs.

To become a foster parent, individuals must be 21 years or older, own or rent their own apartment or house, be in good physical and mental health, be able to meet their family’s financial obligations, submit to a housing inspection, pass a criminal background check, meet pre-service training requirements and have a stable family relationship.

Monthly information meetings are held for individuals and families interested in learning more. For additional information, go to montgomerycountymd.gov/kidsneedyou.

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