June 10, 2016

Montgomery County Welcomes New Citizens

Montgomery County welcomed 34 applicants from 27 different countries as new U.S. citizens on June 1. Public Libraries' Gaithersburg Branch, in partnership with the Office of Community Partnerships Gilchrist Center hosted a Naturalization Ceremony where Countries represented, included: Albania; Algeria; Cambodia; Cameroon; Canada; Democratic Republic of Congo; Denmark; El Salvador; Ethiopia; Guatemala; Haiti; Hong Kong; India; Iran; Japan; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Nepal; Nicaragua; Pakistan; Russia; South Africa; Senegal; Republic of Korea; Sri Lanka; and Venezuela.

City of Gaithersburg Mayor Jud Ashman joined County officials Bruce Adams, director of the Office of Community Partnerships and Public Libraries Director Parker Hamilton in the ceremony. Representatives from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services officiated the ceremony.

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