July 14, 2016

Statement by Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett On Gun Violence in Dallas and Beyond

“It is with profound sadness that we learn of the despicable ambush of police officers in Dallas, Texas. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those slain and wounded, as well as to their fellow officers.

“We are all outraged by recent incidents involving deaths of African American men in Minnesota and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All people of good will, regardless of color, grieve their loss and want answers as to why they died. We need and expect thorough and transparent investigations of each loss of life.

“The officers murdered in Dallas were on duty in connection with a peaceful protest and, in the end, sought to shield protesters as well as themselves against the deadly hail of gunfire.

“Violence is the problem, not the solution. It wasn’t in Ferguson. It wasn’t in Baltimore. It isn’t anywhere else, either.

“We count on our men and women in uniform to protect us and we also hold them to the highest standards of conduct. Tragically last night, the Dallas police force upheld the mission of all sworn officers, who literally put their lives on the line for us every day. We cannot thank them enough. And we join law enforcement officers across the land in paying tribute to those who fell in Dallas in the line of duty.

“May a merciful God reach out to comfort their families and the people of Dallas – as well as the families of those killed in Baton Rouge and Minnesota -- in this difficult time.”


  1. The United States has a legal system in place that was created to punish those that break the law. Our countries legal system is far from perfect, but it is one of, if not the best in the world. Taking the law into ones own hands is what we need to fight against, not support, or participate in. This is not to say that rational voices should be muted and ignored, quite the contrary. These same voices are the mechanism through which progress and improvements occur within ourselves and our country.

  2. Good balanced response. Not "last night" of course.

  3. What strikes me about the info from Baton Rouge and Minnesota is: those police were AFRAID. I trust (hope, and believe) that our Montgomery County police are professional, very well-trained and confident to deal with their duties in a way that avoids behavior governed by fear.


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