August 1, 2016

Summer of Safety Update

Can you believe it is already the first of August? And how about the heat! It was 100 degrees on Monday, July 25, the first time that’s happened since 2012, and the heat indices were up to 112 degrees. Summer of Safety tips during a heat emergency can be life-saving.

Please read and share the many safety tips on cooling, hydration, sun and pool safety. Find all the

Summer of Safety A to Z tips at It is also important to check on elderly neighbors and vulnerable family members.

It is never safe to leave a young child, an elderly person or a pet unattended in a car during warm weather, even for a few minutes. There have been recent news of children and pets dying in hot cars. Researchers at San Francisco State University found that the inside of a car can reach 115 degrees in an hour when it is hotter than 70 degrees outside. Imagine how hot it gets inside a car when it is 80/90-plus degrees outside.

Review following hot weather tips;

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