August 1, 2016

Safetrack Surge #6 Begins on the Red Line

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) first surges to affect the Red Line have begun. Surge #6 will take place August 1 through 7 and Surge #7 is scheduled to occur August 9 to 18. These surges, especially Surge #6, are expected to cause major delays on the entire Red Line -- the Metrorail system’s busiest line. Metro is urging commuters to find alternatives, particularly during weekday, peak travel hours.
  • Surge #6, August 1-7: Red Line trains will continuously run on a single track in both directions between the Tacoma and Silver Spring stations causing major disruptions throughout the entire Red Line. 
  • Surge #7, August 9-18: Red Line trains will continuously single track between the Twinbrook and Shady Grove Stations; with only one third of regular service available during peak hours. 
The following information can help you plan during this necessary maintenance work:

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