August 1, 2016

County Executive Ike Leggett Working with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to Ease Congestion on I-270

On June 28, County Executive Ike Leggett joined Maryland Governor Larry Hogan at a press conference as the State announced approximately $230 million would be apportioned to help relieve traffic congestion on the I-270 corridor. Traffic congestion frustrates thousands of residents daily and directly hampers economic growth and development.

I-270 is one of the most traveled roads in Maryland. According to a State of Maryland press release, the 35-mile, I-270 corridor carries from 79,400 vehicles a day on the north end of I-270 to 261,200 vehicles a day near the Capital Beltway. By the year 2035, these volumes will increase to 107,000 to 290,000 vehicles a day. Other officials attending the event included Council President Nancy Floreen, Councilmembers George Leventhal and Roger Berliner, State Senators Cheryl Kagan and Brian Feldman and Transportation Secretary Pete K. Rahn.

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  1. Drivers who are charged at fault in an accident and impede the flow of traffic should be fined $250 first offense, $500 second etc. Hitting drivers in the pocket would make them more aware of their driving and cut down on aggressive driving and keep the traffic moving .


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