October 13, 2016

Comments Wanted on the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Service Along MD 586/Veirs Mill Road between Wheaton & Rockville

The Maryland Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, held a public meeting on September 28 to provide information and gather public comment on the evaluation of alternatives for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service along MD 586/Veirs Mill Road between Wheaton and Rockville.

The public is invited to review the information from the meeting materials and the Corridor Study Report at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/BRT/openhouses_md586.html.

This webpage will allow you to review display boards, alternatives mapping, watch a video, review the Study Report and submit comments about the MD 586 BRT project. The Corridor Study Report is available for public review and comment through Friday, October 14. Community input is vital to the MD 586 BRT project.


  1. i use this route everyday in the morning and at night. i think you need more busses to run during the rush hours since it's very hard to get a seat in the bus and i am an elderly woman commuting everyday and wind up standing most of the time. and nobody ever asks me if i would like a seat so i am stuck standing most of the time. buses are very over crowded during these times and something needs to change

  2. Thank you for sharing your feedback, which has been forwarded to our Department of Transportation Team.


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