October 28, 2016

Transformation of Pike District Continues to Roll Along With New Innovative Bike Lanes

Montgomery County Department of Transportation recently completed construction of one-half mile separated bike lanes on both sides of Nebel Street. The new lanes are located between Randolph Road and Marinelli Road. This is another important step in transforming the Pike Distirct into a walkable, bikable, transit-oriented community. Once an additional connection is completed on Marinelli, there will be a continuous protected bike lane connection from Montrose Parkway along Nebel Street connecting to the White Flint Metrorail Station.

Creating a smart-growth community in the Pike District means more jobs. It makes the County more economically competitive and brings greater prosperity and a stronger sense of community to the area.

The Nebel Street six-foot-wide bike lanes are one-way and located against the curb on either side of the street with flexposts separating them from moving vehicles. A striped buffer area provides additional protection for cyclists. Parking was removed on the west side of Nebel Street and relocated to the east side.

The project includes the first, two-stage turn queue box installed at the Nebel Street and Randolph Road intersection. These boxes allow bicyclists to make left turns at multilane intersections from a right-side separated bike lane, or right turns from a left-side separated bike lane.

For more information on the project, see press release.

Read an article on the project from Bethesda Beat.

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