August 21, 2017

Free Fares on New MD 355 Ride On extRa Service during October 2017

Ride On extRa

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett announced at the Montgomery County Fair that the new, faster Ride On extRa rush hour service beginning October 2 on Route 355 will be free, on an introductory basis, during the month of October.

Ride On extRa will run only during peak periods, Monday through Friday, 5:30 – 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 – 7:30 p.m. It will provide service from Lakeforest Transit Center in Gaithersburg to Medical Center Metro in Bethesda – running every 10 minutes and making just 12 stops. The service will connect to half of the bus routes in the County, as well as Metrorail and MARC rail.

Ride on extRa vehicles will have many amenities that promote comfort and faster service. For example, the vehicles will have traffic signal priority and passengers will have low-floor boarding, free WiFi, USB charging ports and padding on seats.

Starting in November, this service will be available for a regular Ride On fare, via SmartTrip card, pass or cash. Fare cards may not be reloaded on these buses.

Ride On extRa stops will include Lakeforest Transit Center, Summit Ave., Westland Dr., Shady Grove Metro, Montgomery College, Rockville Metro, Edmonston Dr., Halpine Rd., Marinelli Rd., Security Ln., Tuckerman Ln., and Medical Center. There will be new bus shelters and bus stop flag signs to identify Ride On extRa bus stops.


  1. a nice start...albeit way longer than it should have been initiated...that aside...the real question remains..."How else might we get drivers to ride instead of driving?"

  2. Epic fail on implementation. No publication of routing maps or timetable, yet service started today. Single webpage on McDot page and a flurry of Leggett press releases but why did not McDot integrate this routing into users data bases both printed and their automatic route selection. Poor, poor followthrough


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