September 28, 2017

Is there Something About the Word “STOP” that People Don’t Understand?

Montgomery County has had a school bus safety enforcement camera program since January of 2014, and have continually reminded drivers that it is the law to stop and stay stopped for school buses with flashing red lights with the STOP arm extended. Now with less than one month into the new school year, the citations generated from 500 cameras are running approximately 125 per day.

Please make sure your driving friends and family members know and obey the law. The only time drivers going in both directions of the bus do not have to stop, is if there is a physical barrier (median) separating lanes going in the opposite direction of the bus.

It is not a quick stop and then proceed, drivers must stay stopped until the flashing red lights go off, the stop arm is deactivated and the bus begins to move.

Please learn and share the details that you will find at: Bus Safety. The real goal is voluntary compliance, but the fines are $250 from a camera citation, and $570 with three points on the license from an officer-issued citation. However, the cost of an injury or death to a child because you didn’t stop is incalculable.

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