June 6, 2018

Montgomery County Council Approves $5.3 Million Budget for the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Council approved more than $5.3 million for the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC) to use to fund arts and humanities throughout the County.

AHCMC will allocate the funds through multiple grant categories that support the County’s nonprofit arts and humanities sector. Funding is available for Operating Support Grants; small and mid-size organizations, creative projects, arts education, and Individual Artist and Scholar Grants; Advancement Grants; AHCMC administration; Arts and Humanities Matching Fund; grants to support the Wheaton Arts and Entertainment District; and the Public Arts Trust. Cultural institutions that received grants in FY18 include the Adventure Theatre MTC, Olney Theatre Center, Imagination Stage, and Arts on the Block.

The AHCMC FY19 budget, which goes into effect on July 1, also includes over $1.8 million for Capital Improvement Grants. A portion of the Capital Improvement Grants funds will mitigate costs associated with the March 2018 fire that affected Adventure Theatre MTC and the Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture.