June 6, 2018

Office of Consumer Protection Warns Residents to Avoid Purchasing from Door-to-Door Meat Vendors

It is the start of the summer barbecue season and that means that door-to-door meat salespeople are again making their rounds in neighborhoods across the County. The County’s Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) warns residents to be wary of purchasing meat from a salesperson who comes knocking at your door.

Each year OCP hears from multiple county consumers who state they have been taken advantage of by door-to-door meat vendors. OCP is currently investigating a complaint from a resident who reports she was cheated out of $800 from a salesman who sold her bad beef. OCP advises residents that even though it may seem like a good deal, that it is best to not purchase from someone who shows up at your door with meat for sale.

WAMU 88.5, a local news radio station, recently talked to OCP Director Eric Friedman about how to protect against a door to door meat sellers. 
OCP is responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws (Chapter 11 of the County code), which prohibit unfair and deceptive business acts to ensure a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses. The OCP website has a listing of other current consumer scams and other information to protect consumers.

OCP recommends against the purchase, however, if you decide to take the risk, the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service has developed a safety information sheet with information that is available here.