July 11, 2018

Montgomery County Earns First Place in Nation in the 2018 Digital Counties Survey

The  Center for Digital Government (CDG) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) declared Montgomery County as one of five first-place winners in their respective category of the 15th anniversary Digital Counties Survey. Montgomery County won under the “One Million or More Population” category. The County is the first four-time winner of this annual competition and is the only County to be ranked in the top 10 since the survey’s inception in 2003.

The survey, conducted by the CDG, in partnership with NACo, identifies the best technology practices among U.S. counties, including initiatives that streamline delivery of government services, encourage open data, collaboration and shared services, enhance cybersecurity and contribute to disaster response and recovery efforts.


  1. "Montgomery County as one of five first-place winners in their respective category"....does the fact that the County was one of five make this a participation award like youth sports?

  2. I don't live in Maryland anymore but I lived in Montgomery County for many years. Got away because it just got too crowded and I craved a slower pace and less lines. However, the services and agencies named above have always been top notch.

  3. I don't have five of them but five thumbs up!!!!!! Go MoCo.

  4. This is very nice. But, why is Montgomery County and the State of Maryland ranked third from the bottom of all states as a place to retire. This report was published recently by www.bankrate.com. Please help retirees who what to remain in the state but are finding it too costly.


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