July 11, 2018

Summer of Safety A to Z

Hopefully everyone is taking advantage of the online safety tips resource, “Summer of Safety A to Z,” located on the County’s website at: www.montgomerycountymd.gov/summersafety.

The County’s Public Information Office created this one-stop resource that offers all kinds of great information, in an easy to find, alphabetical format. Throughout the summer we’ll highligh tips from the site through tweets with #MoCoSafety and post them on the County’s Facebook page. We may also tweet out additional important safety-related information using that hashtag.

This is all good information that our community members can benefit from knowing, so please continue to follow the #MoCoSafety tweets.

Most importantly, if you haven’t already signed up to receive Alert Montgomery emergency messages. Check out the very first Summer of Safety tip and click here to sign up for this critical service.