January 9, 2019

Elrich Launches Housing Enforcement Campaign

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich has launched a housing code enforcement campaign to better promote tenant safety and well-being. The Department of Housing and Community Affairs (DHCA) is conducting more inspections of rental units as it continues to implement Bill 19-15, a tenant protection measure enacted in 2016.

During inspections of each multifamily apartment building, DHCA issues notices of violations or citations, as appropriate, and inspects again until corrected. As warranted, DHCA may inspect every unit at a property.

DHCA is creating an inventory of multifamily apartment buildings and the status of each to identify those that require extra attention to remain in compliance. A “Troubled Properties” list will be published as soon as County Council approves the regulation. That list will include multifamily apartment buildings with multiple housing code violations, which are required to develop a corrective action plan; such properties will be inspected annually.

Tenants with questions about their rights may call 3-1-1 for assistance: If callers choose, they can remain anonymous when communicating with the County. More information is available online – “Renters Have Rights”.


  1. "Renters Have Rights" ????? HA HA! What a Joke! Eight dead tenants at the Flower Branch Apartments and scores more made homeless -- typical of collusion between criminal landlords/property management companies and corrupt government officialdom. Three years later and it's still business-as-usual -- more lies and cover-ups. Name just one landlord who ever paid for his crimes, or even had his wrists slapped.

  2. What about ROOM RENTERS. Please help them out


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