January 23, 2019

Montgomery County Cares

Montgomery County established a new web portal where federal employees and contractors who live in the County, and who are impacted by the partial federal government shutdown, can go to find assistance provided by various organizations throughout the County.

While it is too early to determine the full, economic impact of the shutdown, the immediate backlash is taking a toll on many families who must make ends meet without a paycheck.

By accessing the web portal, visitors can find information about various programs and opportunities that may ease some of the financial strain.


  1. I appreciate the efforts of our County government to support our community. We have to ban together to help each other when our federal government stops doing what it has pledged to do. Each federal employee entered a contract with the government to work in good faith and they are willing and able to work but the government is not meeting its obligation to pay for that work so employees are suffering. I sincerely hope this crisis for our community ends soon!

  2. You could as lso help by asking Nif ncy Pelosi to open the governnbn ent by giving up a tiny percentagd to borderr r security.

  3. While I am very sensitive to the Federal employees' situation due to the shutdown, there are many civilian employees unemployed whose situation is not any different. Why the federal employees are receiving all this attention? They have been out of a job just a little over a month and there is a huge drama over it despite that there are hundreds of organizations going out of their ways to help out. What is really the purpose behind of it? It is a real concern or there is a political twist to keep the flames of the current political fire that has burned the country since President Trump was elected by 63 million people? What is about Federal employees that set them apart from the private and non-profit sector who are and have been out work for months and some, for years? (depending on age). Don't they matter too?
    I am really concerned about the sincerity of the actions and the people behind all of this. Why there is inequality in treatment? Private Sector employees do matter, and nobody seems to care of helping them; it is a sort of discrimination here?

    I am a single mother of two teenagers. In 2015, I got a job with a federal agency and almost 6 months later I resigned to my position because of the bully managing practices of a federal employee who was with the organization for 20 years and made the life of new employees miserable. The financial consequences were horrific for me to the point that I declared bankruptcy to avoid being evicted from my home.
    14 months later I got a job with a non-profit organization; lasted 9 months because my position was eliminated on 11/13/18 due to lack of funds. Fortunately, I had some emergency funds to pay my mortgage for two months but I am not sure about next month. I have done some substitute teaching for MCPS but not always there is a job available within my professional abilities. I have not paid my electricity, gas, and other bills yet; I have limited my driving to save gas, one car is not working and I am not able to fix it at this time. I have applied for dozens of jobs in the last two months and I have not been able to attain a full-time position yet. I have extensive education and experience in the field of education, especially early childhood education and development. I know I am highly qualified, however, I continue to search for jobs.
    The interesting part is that my case is not unique, I am not the only one of this situation. We are the people who comprise the private sector and are in worse situation than many Federal employees but I never in history heard anybody going out the way to help or make public our situation, I never heard of any organization doing the impossible to help and employ any of the people in situations like mine. I never have seen any media (radio, TV, newspapers, social media) making news out of the like-situation and having compassion for the millions thousand that are unemployed. It is annoying to hear the pitty voice and the "sensible" attitude of the false journalist trying to sympathize with the federal employee; it is annoying because we are in the same situation and we do not get the compassion, the attention or the help that federal employees are receiving and our needs are equal or greater than them.

    Bottom line: What is the real reason behind all the help being given and offered to federal employees? Humanitarian, political, temporary emotions, love, hate?
    The hundreds of thousands of unemployed non-federal people are also in great need. Who will stand for them? Any help, anybody?


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