May 23, 2019

County Executive Outlines Continuing Efforts to Address Housing Affordability

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich outlined several plans to improve housing for County residents. Those include: helping tenants transition to homeownership; preserving affordable housing; protecting tenant access to housing after their building is renovated; helping people with low and middle incomes; and, helping address financially-strained condominium communities.

These efforts come in addition to the County’s ongoing work to improve housing code enforcement at multifamily apartment buildings. That two-year inspection surge is wrapping up, to be followed by regular inspections at all properties, including more frequent (annual) inspections at “troubled properties.”

Elrich made his remarks at the Affordable Housing Conference of Montgomery County, an annual gathering that addresses housing policies and programs held on Friday, May 17 in North Bethesda.

Elrich also gave the Housing Partnership Award to Ken Holt, Maryland Secretary of Housing and Community Development. And, he congratulated the family who won the “Break the Barrier to Homeownership” Award.

Also at the Conference, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen commended Montgomery County for leveraging federal affordable housing dollars to achieve good progress on its housing agenda - including declaring an end to veterans’ homelessness. And, he said we must keep working together to expand affordable housing and help overcome the legacy of discrimination.


  1. What is HOC doing? What will be the County’s response to HUD’s proposal to evict immigrants from public housing and the Voucher program. My opinion is this is a short sighted, mean spirited unnecessary move. If implemented it would have a devastating effect on Tenants, landlords, and the market in general. Plus it would be an administrative nightmare.

  2. Honeymoon is over Mr. Elrich. While you may have been a couple of clicks better than that shameless political hack Leventhal who made a career prostituting himself to the $$ of the property management company/ developer industry, you pick Secretary Holt of all people for a "Housing Partnership Award"? Are you that clueless or just hopelessly corrupt?

  3. What's the point of posting a comment when this site will delete all but the most mindless and pro status quo comments?


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