May 23, 2019

Happy, Healthy Homes Green Initiative’ Seeks to Help Low-Income Families Save on Energy Costs

A partnership program between the County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Montgomery Housing Partnership (MHP) has created the new “Happy, Health Homes Green Initiative” to help low-income families save money on energy costs.

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich, County Council Vice President Sidney Katz, County Director of DEP Adam Ortiz and MHP President Robert Goldman helped launch the program to address a national issue that finds low-income households spending a larger portion of their income on home energy costs than other households.

Part of the initiative will work toward making more than 1,800 low-income families in MHP housing aware of energy assistance programs that are available to County residents. In addition, there are numerous useful “green” programs for which low-income residents may be eligible. The housing organization has properties located in Gaithersburg, Rockville, Silver Spring, Takoma Park and Wheaton.

More information is available at County's website or by calling DEP Residential Energy Program Manager Larissa Johnson at 240-777-7711.

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  1. Many people, at all income levels, are unaware of tiny habits that can add up to lots of energy saving. Just for one example: Hot water.
    Big savings there if you take your shower this way. Get wet and maybe rinse. Turn off the water, lather and scrub. Turn on the water and rinse.
    More savings when you wash dishes: Last thing you want to do is run the hot water full blast while you wash. Get a small bowl of hot soapy water, and a scrubbing pad. Scrub a pile of dishes. Turn on the hot water just a small stream, and rinse all the dishes in the pile, leaving them in a rack to drain and dry. Repeat if there are lots of dishes.
    Both of these changes are painless, even easier than the wasteful way, but few people realize it. Any program to save on energy / conserve fuel / reduce a carbon footprint should include this kind of advice and much more along the same lines.


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