November 2, 2012

Coming up: Vacuum Collection of Leaves

The Montgomery County Department of Transportation Division of Highway Services (DHS) will conduct its annual vacuum collection of leaves in the southern part of the County from November 5 through mid-December. Two collections are made on every street in the vacuum leaf collection district during the fall.

The leaf vacuum collection district is bounded by I-495, I-270, the Rockville City limits, Norbeck, Bel Pre and Bonifant roads, Northwest Branch Park, and the District of Columbia and Prince George's County lines.

Residents should look for signs posted along the streets announcing the collection dates in their neighborhoods. Green signs indicate the first collection, and red signs marking the second and final collection.

Collections are restricted to leaves only. Tree debris, sticks, branches or coarse garden debris should be placed in containers or tied in bundles not more than four feet long and placed where household trash is regularly picked up.

Get more information on the collections, such as how and where to place the leaves, how to find when your street will be vacuumed and what to do if you miss a collection.