January 31, 2014

County Council to Host Town Hall Meeting in Clarksburg

The County Council will meet with residents of Clarksburg, the County’s fastest-growing community, at a Town Hall Meeting on February 26 at Rocky Hill Middle School starting at 8 p.m. The school is located at 22401 Brick Haven Way, just off of Route 355. A pre-meeting reception will begin at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, call 240-777-7931 or check County Calendar.


  1. I am a resident of Damascus Maryland north of the Clarksburg development. The traffic has increased two fold since the development began. This has now lengthened my commute of one hour to an additional twenty minutes just to traverse 27. I would like to see real forethought on behalf of the County Commissioners to PRE-PLAN ROAD DEVELOPMENT AHEAD OF BUILDING IN OUR COUNTY.

  2. I agree with the anonymous post above too. I live in Clarksburg and prior to purchasing any house we were PROMISED and ASSURED by developers and builders alike that roads would be in place long before now and YET we continue to wait and wait and wait not only for road expansion but in actual traffic on 27 and 355 which are LONG OVERDUE for widening and changes. I'm sorry but telling people to take mass transit is NOT always a viable option and, frankly, I should be able to drive anywhere I like without having to endure hourly gridlock in an area this county claims as being the "fastest growing area" in the county. That's a load of you know what. C'mon State and County officials..provide what you promised us when we bought our home here!


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