January 16, 2014

County Executive Part of United Nations Panel on Building Better Urban Futures

County Executive Ike Leggett recently participated in a leadership dialogue at the United Nations (UN) in New York City on “Accelerating Action towards Sustainable Urbanization: The Role of Private Urban Partnerships in Catalyzing Change.”

Leggett served on a panel that was to “provide a high-level platform for an exchange of critical thinking, insights and innovations” to private sector, urban and UN leaders. The panel was part of UN Habitat’s “For A Better Urban Future” effort designed to feed input and ideas into next year’s UN World Urban Forum in Colombia.

In his remarks, the Executive noted that Montgomery County’s population is fortunate on many fronts, such as public safety, access to food and water, educational and employment opportunities, and many other basic human needs. However, he said, “… we face the challenges of crippling traffic congestion, a lack of sufficient affordable housing, protecting water and air quality, an aging population requiring increased health and social services, and many other issues.”

Leggett said he feels that for many issues, the solution is “partnering with the private sector, which can provide economic, intellectual and technological solutions that complement government services.”

Read Leggett’s remarks.