May 7, 2015

Executive Reconvenes Transit Task Force

County Executive Ike Leggett has announced that he has reconvened the County’s Transit Task Force.

In a letter to Task Force Chair Mark Winston, Leggett asked the group to make recommendations relating to how to “… establish a plan for the implementation of as much of the [high quality bus rapid transit] network as is financially and organizationally feasible.”

Leggett has asked that the Task Force use as the starting point for its deliberations the proposal he made last year for State enabling legislation authorizing the County to adopt certain financing measures and form a transit agency to allow development and operation of the transit network.

The Task Force and Working Groups on organizational and financial matters will meet weekly between now and September 30, the date on which Leggett has asked the Task Force to report its findings and recommendations to him and the County Council.

All Task Force meetings are open to the public. Information on the meetings and the Transit Task Force is available on website.

The Task Force will hold a Countywide public forum on  June 17 at 6 p.m. in the 3rd floor hearing room of the County Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Ave., Rockville.

Read more in the news release.


  1. Buses, the way of the future! Instead of getting people off the roads by incentivizing walkable and bikeable cities and towns, let's put even bigger vehicles on the roads and increase traffic speeds. Hey, while we're at it, let's widen all the roads by a couple of lanes, because people need to commute faster. It would be easy all we'd need to do would be to knock down a few hospitals, close some fire department buildings and public libraries - I mean, what could be the harm.

    Why must we always strive towards a dystopian future?

  2. Really? Seriously? What is the latest on the total cost and completion date for the Silver Spring Transit Center? You guys cannot even build a concrete bus stop and you want to build and run the Purple Line and a new dedicated bus system? Right.

  3. Still no explicit cost benefit analysis. So far it looks like businesses near the proposed RT routes clean up at huge taxpayer expense.
    We need a wooden stake for this monster.

  4. Evidently, the Friday evening hearing held on the TTF wasn't decisive or convincing enough for the Country Exec to understand the full gravity of how bad his TTF idea is. As embarrassing as the public opinion seemed to be for the Exec on this idea, he must be enjoying it. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear like the TTF idea.

    1. The County Executive is open to other ideas to address the need to expand transportation options through Bus Rapid Transit, which is necessary to “unlock” the potential 100,000 new jobs in the County – which will boost our economy AND broaden the County’s tax base. So far, there have been no other viable alternatives. The Friday night hearing referred to showed significant support, leavened by those who had criticisms, many about the process and timing. For those who have questions and suggestions for improvements, all Transit Task Force meetings will be open to the public and additional public forums are planned.


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