May 7, 2015

Leggett Decides on “New Approach” for County’s Economic Development Efforts

Speaking recently as a panelist at the Washington Business Journal’s first “On the Road” event, County Executive Ike Leggett stated he has decided to transfer the authority away from the County and “put it in the hands of those in the economic development field.” The new responsibility would lie with a public-private authority, similar to Fairfax County’s Economic Development Authority.

The purpose of the new structure is to improve effectiveness, enhance private sector involvement and create a more flexible environment to meet market dynamics and County needs.

Legislation will be sent to the County Council this summer.

See the video.


  1. How about paving the roads as an economic strategy? Driving through Montgomery County, particularly the neighborhoods of Bethesda, is like driving through a vehicular minefield.

    1. Good point. That’s why the County Executive has increased spending on primary and arterial road resurfacing from $37 million to $67 million – 80 percent – in his last 8 years. Also he has increased residential and rural road resurfacing from $17 million in the eight years before he took office to $117 million in his first eight years – a 676 percent increase.

      Much remains to be done, but these numbers show that road maintenance is, at last, a priority.


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