September 1, 2015

Department of Liquor Control Featured in News Story for Continuing Tobacco Enforcement Efforts

Montgomery County’s Tobacco Enforcement Program in the Department of Liquor Control (DLC) was recently featured in a news story on NBC Channel 4. The County was praised for its efforts to enforce underage tobacco sales and display violations, even though the program is no longer funded by the State.

Under the DLC Tobacco Enforcement Program, a trained volunteer under the age of 18 is sent into a licensed business to purchase tobacco products using their own vertical, underage driver’s license. The program aims to reduce sales of tobacco to minors and enforce tobacco product placement laws. Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement Specialists employed by the DLC, issue civil citations to retail cigarette license holders and their clerks for underage sales and display violations, and testify in District Court regarding the citations.

Compliance Check Reports, including tobacco checks, are posted on the DLC website.