December 7, 2015

Montgomery County’s New Towing Bill Targets Overly Aggressive Towing Practices

Montgomery County’s new towing law, Bill 17-15, passed unanimously by the County Council on July 21 and signed into law by the County Executive, took effect on December 1. The new law is designed to address overly aggressive and predatory towing practices and restore regulatory balance in commercial and residential parking lots.

NBC TV Reporter Pat Collins does a predatory towing “demonstration” (following 30 second commercial):!/news/local/New-Mont--Co--Law-Against-Predatory-Towing/359094551

Read more about the new towing law here.


  1. I still see them doing it in silver spring

  2. What this bill does is make it easier to get away with parking illegally. The simplest way to do away with predatory towing is to obey the signs, respect private property and to not assume you are not harming anyone when you park and walk off. Businesses do not want to tow but with the counties parking enforcement getting stricter and more expensive people are willing to abuse private parking to avoid getting a ticket by the county. Every time somebody parks where they know they should not they are hurting the rightful user of the space and could be costing the owner thousand of dollars in lost revenue. What this bill also does is reward the business who did not bother to have a parking plan at the expense of the businesses who had the foresight to provide parking.

  3. Notice that my comments from yesterday have NOT been published - could be be because you don't want to address the people this law had hurt?

  4. It's about time this happened. It was probably close to 20 years ago when I watched a total jerk of a tow-truck driver snag a car from a small empty parking lot in front of a vacant business (now Bethesda Jewelry Exchange) at 11 pm on New Year's Eve. Ever since then, I've hated these guys with a passion. The new towing law is a big move in the right direction.


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