December 7, 2015

Public Forum on Trafficking and Minors

An upcoming public forum is scheduled to examine the increased prevalence of children at risk to sexual trafficking. The discussion aims to provide information on children, many of whom have fled the violence of their home countries, who are at a greater risk because of their separation from family, language and education barriers and lack of shelter.

The session will include discussion on the complexities on the issues, achievable legislative interventions and best practices in dealing with this vulnerable population.

This meeting is sponsored by County Executive Leggett, Councilmembers Hucker and Reimer, the District 20 delegation, Safe Silver Spring and the Montgomery County Human Trafficking Task Force.

Leggett established the Montgomery County Human Trafficking Task Force in 2014 to develop coordinated strategies for prevention and eradication to best address the issue in Montgomery County.

The free session, which is open to the public is scheduled for December 10. It will begin at 7 p.m. at the Montgomery College (Takoma Park campus) 7977 Georgia Avenue, at the Health Sciences Center, Room 222, Silver Spring. For more information visit County calendar.