December 17, 2015

Understanding the County's Changing Demographics with a New Digital Tool

Montgomery County demographics have been rapidly changing and our population has become increasingly diverse. CountyStat has developed two tools, the "Diversity Explorer" and the "Language Browser" to better understand the changes.

Here are some interesting quick facts about our changing demographics:
  • One-third of Montgomery County residents were born outside of the United States
  • Montgomery County is the number one destination in the United States for people from Ethiopia and Cameroon, and is the number two destination for immigrants from the continent of Africa (second only to Los Angeles)
  • The top five countries of origin for people born abroad and living in the County are El Salvador, Mainland China, India, Ethiopia, and Korea
  • There are more than 15 census tracts in Montgomery County in which English is the second most spoken language
  • Among all counties in the United States, Montgomery County ranks number four in the number of French speakers and speakers of African Languages, number nine in Persian speakers, number 13 in Korean and Armenian, number 14 in Greek, Thai and Hebrew, and number 15 in Chinese speakers