May 13, 2016

Montgomery Serves Awards Honor Those Who Serve

County community leaders, volunteers and organizations were recognized at the 2016 Montgomery Serves Awards Ceremony held on May 2. The annual awards honor residents who provide extraordinary service through volunteerism.

The Roscoe Nix Distinguished Community Leadership Awards, presented to Vivian Bass, Judge DeLawrence Beard and Gustavo Torres, are the County’s highest awards.

These videos share the story of what make these recipients so extraordinary.
Leggett also presented awards to volunteers in four categories including; youth, business, individual and group.

Najma Thomas received the Youth Montgomery Serves Award. The Business Montgomery Serves Award was presented to Early, Cassidy and Schilling, Inc. Jan Jablonski was honored with the Individual Montgomery Serves Award and the Group Montgomery Serves Award was presented to The Armand Center for Conflict Resolution.

Gene Counihan and Sarah Gotbaum were honored with the Neal Potter Path of Achievement Award. Reverend Mansfield “Kasey” Kaseman received the Montgomery Public Citizen of the Year award for creating a welcoming environment for diverse cultural, ethnic and minority groups in Montgomery County.

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