May 13, 2016

Stories of Six Holocaust Survivors Who Became Montgomery County Residents Featured in New Documentary on County Cable Montgomery

A new County Cable Montgomery (CCM) 30-minute documentary shares the stories of six Holocaust survivors who now live in Montgomery County. “Stories of Holocaust Survivors in Montgomery County” recounts the memories of the six from their days growing up in Europe as the Nazi regime expanded its reign of terror. The documentary, created and produced by Barbara Grunbaum and videotaped by Mike Springirth, is available on YouTube.

The documentary tells the stories of Inga Borisova, Henry Greenbaum Halina Peabody and Martin Weiss of Bethesda, Nesse Godin of Silver Spring, and Manny Mandel of Forest Glen.

The Council honored the six residents featured in the documentary on April 26 and held a screening of the film in advance of the internationally-recognized May 5 date for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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