December 2, 2016

Retiring Police Lieutenant Exemplifies Remarkable Dedication to Public Service

On Wednesday, November 30, Lieutenant Thomas B. Jacocks retired from the Montgomery County Police Department after 61 years on the job. That makes him the longest-serving member of law enforcement at a single agency in the state of Maryland.

After a stint in the military, he joined the force when Eisenhower was president, the County had approximately 200,000 residents and police officers didn’t go through a training academy, they were issued a uniform, badge and gun and learned on-the-job.

What he learned over time was that police work was a great fit and as Chief Manger said at his retirement party at the Public Safety Headquarters, “He never lost his passion for the job and has been totally committed to serving the residents of Montgomery County each and every day.”

He has been blessed with very-understanding-wife Peggy, five children and seven grandchildren. And he also found time to put in over 30 years of service to the Maryland Special Olympics program. In 1985 Maryland began a Torch Run to raise funds for Special Olympics and Lt. Jacocks has never missed the annual runs sponsored by the Montgomery County Police Department.

So what does a man now carrying a retiree badge and gold police retiree ID card, do with his time after a 61-year-long law enforcement career? He’ll take a couple of days off, and then return to the department as a volunteer. As his wife Peggy said, “He is still committed to the work he was given. He just won’t have to go in five-days-a-week to do it.”

Thank you Lieutenant Jacocks, for your decades of humble and remarkable service to the residents of Montgomery County!

Read more about Lieutenant Jacocks in a Washington Post feature story at: , and see channel 4’s coverage of his retirement party at:

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