June 28, 2017

Air Conditioner Safety Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Air conditioners can bring welcome relief to scorching hot summer days. However, the same appliance that cools you down can burn your house down if not properly maintained.

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services Public Information Officer Pete Piringer recently appeared on Good Morning America to remind everyone that air conditioners that are overworked and overheated can strain air conditioner units and become safety hazards.
  • Properly maintain the unit
  • Ensure an adequate power source
  • Clear the space around the unit
  • Have the unit checked twice per year by a certified HVAC technician
Piringer also reminded viewers of the risk that ineptly installed air conditioning window units can cause by falling out of a window.

To see more safety information on a variety of topics go to MCFRS Safety Tips.


  1. Great advice except for having your unit "checked twice a year" by a pro. It woud be less expensive in Montgomery County to replace a window unit with new once a year.


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