June 7, 2017

County Earns 31 National Association of Counties Awards

Montgomery County received 31 National Association of Counties (NACo) Achievement Awards this year for outstanding programs.

The following departments received awards:

  • Correction and Rehabilitation - “A Comprehensive Stress Management Program for Correctional Employees”; “Department Intranet and Web Board”
  • Environmental Protection - “Montgomery County GreenFest”; “Stakeholder-Designed Energy Benchmarking Program”; “Watershed Restoration and Outreach Grant Program”
  • Finance and Environmental Protection – “Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program”
  • Finance and Risk Management - “Risk Management Safety & Health”
  • General Services - “Sustainable Government Communication Initiatives”
  • Health and Human Services - “Community Action Board’s Leadership Development Institute”; “Maternity Partnership Oral Health Initiative”
  • Housing and Community Affairs - “Licensing and Registration System”; “Multifamily Loans Portfolio Management System”
  • TechnologyServices- “CALMS – Case and Licensing Management System”; “Greenscapes; Expert GIS Map Creation in the Hands of GIS Novices”; “Mobile Bikeways”, “searchMontgomery”
  • Libraries - “Building Community Bridges During Crisis”; “Connecting Communities through Social Media”; “One Student, One School & One Library Card at a Time”; “What Do I Check Out Next?”
  • Recreation - “Chill”, “Food, Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals”; “100 Mile Challenge”; “Safe Walk Home”; “Tech Connect”
  • Police - “Montgomery County STEER”
  • Transportation - “GIS Data Collection of Culverts”; “Mobile Automatic Vehicle Locator”; “Nebel Street One-Way Separated Bike Lanes Project”; “Ride On Route 301 – Tobytown Isolated Community”; “Uninterruptable Power Supply / Battery Backup for Traffic Signals”

More information, about the awards, check NACO website.